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Differentiate. How to properly market your product

It is no secret that today the competition between manufacturers does not benefit from the quality of the products. The development of technology has led to an almost identical quality and functionality of most products. So whereby if someone – just one of hundreds of manufacturers, and the other – the brand with the philosophy, mission […]

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New trends in marketing: what is the power of big data analysis?

To date, practically in any discussion concerning the topic of marketing, we automatically start using terms such as “digital world”, “content marketing”, “social media”, “viral marketing”, etc. These terms determined the main changes in the marketing environment, which occurred very quickly. Consumers, as well as marketers, are ready to live in this new reality. Excellent! […]

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Why customers leave shops without purchases

We analyzed the online forms of seven online stores and shared useful tips on working with abandoned baskets of online stores. Among marketers, there are two different approaches to how to increase the conversion of an online store. Some of them are convinced that the problem outside about the site and its products simply do […]

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Nine tips to help avoid an abandoned basket

Today, we offer nine tips on how they can improve the sales process and reduce the percentage of abandoned baskets. Ensure that all products have a photo and relevance of information on the availability In this case, we see that in the online store of ceramic tiles, many rules of online trading are violated, as […]

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Is PR possible without costs?

When a new business does not have significant funds for a loud promo, when a new budget is not allocated for a new product, is it possible to reach the audience with PR? Quite, but for this it is necessary to adhere to at least a couple of tips. Think about PR at the design […]

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Beware the ambush marketing: how not to get caught

  Wait advertising happens whenever a company efforts to achieve an unofficial affiliation having strategy or a distinct occasion For that newest post in his advertising sequence, Grid Regulation founder Walker returns just how small businesses may guarantee they stick to the best aspect of what the law states and to describe the laws of […]

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20 great movies about marketing and advertising

Although we perceive cinema as entertainment, many films can teach us valuable lessons. Then why do not we take advantage of the useful experience that they can give us? We have collected the best films and series on marketing in our opinion. They will help to better understand the philosophy of advertising and how it […]

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Just how to attain a market leadership?

The toughness of services and products cans affect as well as your company presents. Focusing on how your company does nicely, your competitors isn’t an aspect in industry prominence. The addition of those methods into your marketing-plan starts to become a business innovator and may drive your business. Build your personal market The way of […]

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Features of Small Business Promotion

Advertising for small businesses – is a powerful mechanism for increasing the company’s turnover. During the period of increased competition, the expansion of small businesses in many sectors of the economy, one of the key components of the project’s success is advertising. Many new entrepreneurs think that by hanging ads, fliers bought by ordering the […]

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