August 1, 2017

Nine tips to help avoid an abandoned basket

Today, we offer nine tips on how they can improve the sales process and reduce the percentage of abandoned baskets.

  1. Ensure that all products have a photo and relevance of information on the availability

In this case, we see that in the online store of ceramic tiles, many rules of online trading are violated, as the price is not specified, the product is not available, and there are no photos.

Such a commodity card is useless on the site and only repels buyers from making a purchase. Moreover, visually there is an impression that the company sells cameras.

  1. The product card must be accompanied by guarantees that will inspire confidence in visitors to the online store

Online flower shop added four key guarantees for all points of doubt and concern of customers:

100% money back guarantee is guaranteed if the quality of the goods is not satisfied;

Credit cards are protected from hacking;

A promise is given that the bouquet will look beautiful;

The bouquet will be delivered on time.

Not every online store is ready to vouch for all these items and incur possible losses to resolve situations if something goes wrong. In this case, not so much flowers are sold, but a beautiful bouquet that will come on time – this is an important selling element that guarantees orders.

  1. Add ordering opportunity by expedited procedure

If you are planning a long trip by car and at the last minute decided to order a car holder for your smartphone, then it is important for you that it comes before your departure. For such cases, there is a quick order with an instant phone call on demand.

In addition, a big plus for the online store – video reviews of the products offered. With its help, you can examine the materials from which the goods are made, carefully study the mechanism, etc. In addition, pages with video content are ranked better.

  1. Ability to refuse a callback to the manager after the order on the site

Most online stores always call back after placing an order to clarify all the details. On the one hand, this is a plus, on the other hand – the additional need for conversations with the staff of the online store may be undesirable.

There are people who do not like to talk on the phone, and they would gladly refuse a mandatory call if there was such a tick. Moreover, if it is a question of purchases in an intimate shop, the percentage of such people can be significant.

  1. Show the client that you guarantee the quality not only in words

Online flower shop, which is not afraid to photograph the product after delivery, clearly wins a certain percentage of customers from its competitors. Thus, he guarantees that the product will not be damaged during delivery and the client will not have to find out the relationship with the courier for a long time.

Logistics is one of the key elements of the business processes of online stores and those companies that manage to establish quality delivery – get the trust and loyalty of their customers.

  1. It is important for new customers to know that the transmitted data will not be sold

Among the new buyers of online stores are many conservative people who do not conduct social networks and are wary of any forms that are suggested to fill. Information on the number of people who filled out the registration form and assurances of confidentiality may be sufficient reasoning to buy the goods on a particular site.

  1. Creatively stimulate social activity and growth of the average check

A good way to motivate customers to share information about the product they purchase in social networks is to offer a small bonus for it in the form of a discount. A similar tactic works well for those who like free shipping.

To do this, marketers online store technology tie up a special information strip under the online form, which shows how much is not enough to save on delivery.

  1. Break the information you need to fill into blocks!

When a customer encounters a large number of fields that need to be filled in, it psychologically repels, causes a person to delay the moment of purchase or even postpone for a certain period when there will be more time.

A good option is to break down the data entry in stages. You fill out the same data, but not all at once, but in parts, and it is not so annoying.

  1. Another good chip is the purchase process card

Such a small scheme, which uses the online store, allows you to get the most concise information about the terms of purchase on this site without having to go from page to page.

You can immediately call, specify details of delivery, find the preferred payment option. The use of such capacious schemes is a big plus for an online store that does not want to lose customers.


To summarize, we present the results of the Milo study, according to which there are 7 important factors for making a purchase in a particular online store:

73% – free shipping;

60% – the exact delivery date is known;

56% – different payment methods are provided;

50% – it is possible to create an account for future purchases;

47% – work experience with an online store;

38% – a wide range of options for delivery;

32% – a wide range of additional accessories.

Keeping in mind these factors and the successful or unsuccessful examples of online store solutions that we cited, you can reduce the percentage of abandoned baskets and increase sales without having to significantly increase your advertising budget.

Solving the problem of low sales in your hands, just analyze your business processes and make the purchase comfortable and convenient. If you can find a successful formula of the online form, it will be actively used.

In this case, do not forget about the work of your call-center. If you correctly configure the work with online, but you will not use call tracking and monitor the work of the department

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