February 24, 2017

Features of Small Business Promotion

Advertising for small businesses – is a powerful mechanism for increasing the company’s turnover. During the period of increased competition, the expansion of small businesses in many sectors of the economy, one of the key components of the project’s success is advertising.

Many new entrepreneurs think that by hanging ads, fliers bought by ordering the banner they will have regular customers at once. No knowledge of the basic rules of advertising leads to sad consequences. If other methods of promotion other than advertising, you will not find, follow these three tips.

Do not copy someone else’s advertising

It is widely believed that the successful brands have become so thanks to its advertising. In part, this is true, but do not forget that the largest companies in the world are developed in many countries. Their methods of advertising are very complex. Yes, their slogans are pretty sound and attract attention. But do not copy them for your company. You have a small business and create a brand to you many more to grow. Build your brand and promoting it, you can lose money.

Follow advertisement

The main postulate of advertising – statistics and monitoring. You have to analyze the reaction of the people on your ad. Pay attention to whether it? Was it to make the purchase? Based on the statistics conclusions about the appropriateness of the advertising campaign. Identifies the advantages and disadvantages of various methods of promotion and business promotion. If investments in advertising do not pay off it must be replaced immediately.

Do not try to take all

I often see the same mistake. The company is trying to lure their advertising all in a row. A living example: construction company promotes repair services. It seems everything is logical, right? In my opinion the wrong approach. The construction company has to deal with the design and construction of houses. Trying to attract non-target audience certainly will end in complete failure. Your ads should attract precisely the target audience that would buy your product or use your services. Even if it’s a small audience, it is it can provide you with a profit. Business Rule: 80% of income brings 20% of customers.


The importance of advertising is difficult to overstate. Expenditure on advertising requires large, but there are cheaper methods of business promotion. They are suitable for beginners. No matter which method or strategy you use for development. It is important that you know how to use it.

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