Review Policy

Hello authors and publicists! If you’re on this page, then you’re most likely wondering if i’ll review your book. I first off just want to thank you for considering ME of all bloggers to promote your title(s), i do blogging for you and my readers!

 I accept ARCs and finished copies (hardcover or paperback) for review. At this time, i am not accepting eBooks or eGalleys for review. You may be bummed about that, but i promise you, you’d be waiting a terribly long time for me to get to my iPhone to finally read your book. Please contact me at with your name, the book you wish to request, links to Goodreads pages (if one applies) or a short summary.

 I am only accepting books in the YA genre, for i am only a Young Adult myself. I’m open to any genre except for Medieval and Fantasy (Lord of The Rings-esque books.) I will not read your book if it is overly gory, overly sexual (i.e. sexually explicit), or overly dark and too intense. I particularly like dystopian, paranormal romance, and contemporary.

 Now, i can’t promise you that my review will be positive. If i don’t like a book, i feel i need to be honest to my readers and flat out tell them i didn’t enjoy it. But will i bash it? No, because anyone who sits down and writes a full length book has accomplished something. I’m not the biggest fan of cussing, so i won’t be cussing during my reviews. I have no problem with other bloggers cussing, because some of my favorite bloggers do. It’s just not my thing! I’m not reviewing it, because i have nothing, NOTHING good to say, and i have better use of my time than to tear a book apart.

 I do not give number or star ratings. In all my reviews, there is a short, one sentence summary of my review at the beginning, that expresses what i thought. But my full review expands a lot more. I like to high-light my favorite things about the book, and i do NOT like to be vague.

 My reviews include the book cover, publisher, page number, format, summary, and the source at which i got the book. My reviews vary in length, but all of them are at least three paragraphs long.

 If you would like me to do an author interview on the blog, or a guest post or giveaway, i would be more than happy to!