July 18, 2017

20 great movies about marketing and advertising

Although we perceive cinema as entertainment, many films can teach us valuable lessons. Then why do not we take advantage of the useful experience that they can give us? We have collected the best films and series on marketing in our opinion. They will help to better understand the philosophy of advertising and how it works.

  1. Rummage

This film has another name – “The tail wags the dog,” and this name is more suitable, we believe. The main lesson you will learn from this film is that you can make a person believe in anything, distract his attention from important events and generally make him think as you please.

  1. The greatest film ever sold

Many advanced teachers advise students to watch this film as an allowance for product placement. If you have not noticed product placement in movies, serials and so on, then after this movie you will get brands and will see them everywhere.

  1. The Jones Family

No, do not think that this film is something different from family comedies. Just watch. Moreover, when you are amazed, exclaim something like “Come on,” just say thank you to us for telling you about this film. Of course, if you have not looked at it yet. Then you know what it is about. Cool, is not it?

  1. Saints

The film is about how important is the image and ability to speak. Someone will see in this movie just a funny Eddie, and someone will learn a lesson for themselves.

  1. Madmen

A whole series about the world of advertising in the 60s of last century in New York. His main character, Don Draper, will tell you that in the struggle for a place under the sun, all means are good. Advertising is not as honest as it may seem.

  1. Here they smoke

What can be more difficult than propagating what most people are against? Everyone knows how smoking has a detrimental effect on health, but the hero of this film tries to convince society in the very opposite. This film will teach you not to give up and go ahead.

  1. House of Cards

“What does this series have to do with?” You ask in surprise. In addition, we have the answer to this question. 80% of the series Kevin Spacey shows how to properly conduct a PR company. And the one who wants, will accurately take out of this gorgeous series a few lessons of progress.

  1. What Women Want

A funny and kind comedy carries a valuable lesson – the advertiser must thoroughly know the target audience in order to create effective advertising. Moreover, if for this you need to go to extreme measures, and then the advertiser should do it.

  1. Generation II

Of course, Pelevin is better to read, not to watch, but the film turned out to be very suitable. “Generation II” will tell you about the world of advertising in Russia in the 90’s, which is very useful for general development. Side effect – you will think very hard about everything that happens around you.

  1. Syrup

A fascinating film about how to sell yourself. Having looked it, you will learn how to get the attention of customers. Moreover, you will literally be told on the points how to create your image and sell yourself as much as possible.

  1. Jobs: the story of temptation

Of course, we could not pass by this film, which will teach you what does not happen in the business of small things. Any detail affects its success, and every detail must be taken into account in order to achieve the desired results.

  1. The Czech dream

This documentary will tell about two students who decided to make a movie about advertising. From the film, you will learn all the main ways to attract buyers – from booklets to PR companies.

  1. Crazy people

A film about the truth in advertising. Pro in the advertising business is going crazy, developing a major advertising company. Once in a psychiatric hospital, he becomes so engrossed in local life that when a company calls him back to work, he begins to wonder whether it is worth going back to the big world.

  1. Silicon Valley

Again the series (Yes, more TV series!). This time the series about the startup, whose members … well, okay… some of whose members are struggling to make their application successful and popular. It is worth watching the series, if only because he talks about the difficulties of advancing in the SaaS sphere.

  1. How to succeed in advertising

A funny British film about an advertiser who has a big talking pimple. The creators of the film compared advertising with a boil, pus, it makes people buy things they do not need and in general is not the most pleasant thing in a person’s life.

  1. Centenary of the person

The film will tell you why there is so much sex in advertising. In addition, why she always plays on our base and hidden desires.

  1. No Logo. People versus brands

This documentary will tell you how the largest companies developed and how they influenced people. You will learn how advertising captures everything around you and changes the way people think.

  1. Child Consumers

A documentary about how advertising begins to brainwash a person since his birth. Just think how much advertising is targeted specifically at children, not at their parents!

  1. Image and text

The film is the answer to all the advertising haters. He will talk about the creative side of the work of advertisers and help to find inspiration.

  1. Lemonade

A documentary about advertisers who, having lost their jobs during the crisis did not lose their ability to think creatively and work. A motivating film that will teach you not to despair.

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