June 14, 2017

Methods of staff motivation

Every company, every company needed to increase sales, improve service quality, increase productivity. To achieve good results, many managers are turning to specialized companies in order to improve production performance, or are looking for new skilled workers, considering their incompetent workers. However, to achieve acceptable results can be and without the help of consultants and marketers. An important role is played by motivation. Properly motivating its employees can achieve positive results. The importance of motivation is difficult to overestimate. With the right approach to the tasks, the main problem of the company are solved much easier. To do this, use the following business methods of motivation:

Start with yourself. Many managers often require their employees good results themselves at the same time show weak activity in the work. A good boss, first of all, to treat employees with respect, it clearly sets objectives and seeks their fulfillment, and he takes part in achieving these results.

  • Enter the penalties and rewards system. Quite a common and effective method of motivation. The essence of it is that for some shortcomings in the work of a worker will be written off a penalty for percentage of salary or a fixed amount. This will make employees pay more attention to their work. At the same time, do a good job, the employee may receive an additional reward in the form of certificates, awards, training courses or premium. It turns interdependent vicious cycle.
  • Provide good working conditions for employees. From this operation depends personnel. Even little things like uncomfortable chairs, poor lighting, and background noise can cause discomfort indirectly, to divert attention, which has a negative impact on the work.
  • Provide the opportunity for career growth. Every employee, whom he did not work, wants to improve, even if he denies it. Nevertheless, the stronger denies, the more he wants. You can motivate such employee’s real prospects for advancement through the ranks. This will serve as a great incentive for the diligent performance of the work.
  • Pay attention to their employees. Ask what has been achieved, what they plan to do to solve one or another problem. Organize micro meeting, which allow each employee to speak about the work of the company, listen to his proposals for improving the quality of service, or increase sales, as well as any suggestions of employees. Maybe they do not suit you, but here is important to give people the opportunity to speak, to make them feel that their opinion and evaluation is important for a leader.

It often happens that workers are embarrassed or afraid to give different comments directly. In this case on behalf of a “fund” to distribute to all the anonymous profiles, where invited to respond to similar questions, such as: “Do you like your work to you” “What would you suggest to improve performance?” And so on…

In any case, whether to the moral and material motivation – it plays an important role in the formation of a successful and prosperous company.

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