July 13, 2017

How to do business

Good day, dear readers. I propose to consider the question of how to do business as a quick and ready guide to action. I want to stress that we are not talking about a specific type of business and how to build a business as a whole. This guide can be applied to any business.

Everyone has long known that any kind of product or service is almost impossible to sell immediately at the first opportunity. Especially if this product is very expensive. The bulk of sales are made when your customers start to trust you.

However, there are also cheaper and the goods and services in the business world. Nevertheless, we will not be hung up on them, as this will not make a lot of money – a very different situation and turnover is not what is needed. Therefore, it is best to stick to the rules: more profitable to sell one product to one customer for $ 1,000, a hundred products to customers for $ 10.

It is easy to understand that the first time and immediately for $ 1,000 a product or service to sell is not easy for most consumers is a very high risk of losing money or getting poor quality products.

In this case, the business needs to be done in three stages

First step

The first step you need to provide their customers something free. Let this be a free consultation, a small quantity of the sample, presentations, seminars and much more. Your main task is to present to the client what you are doing or are acquainted with him.

Second phase

Here you have to offer the customer something relatively inexpensive. This will be a very detailed consultation or trial shipment or certain courses, depending on the type of activity. Your client has already formed an opinion about the company, so he can take the risk of a certain amount of money in order to evaluate you. Also at this stage, you are sure to give the customer some bonuses like discounts, additional products (such as two-for-one) or a harmless gift. It is important that the client is satisfied, and you can proceed to the next step.

Third step

This final stage of how to do business – namely, the sale of your main product or service. When your client has already realized that it offers high-quality services, in addition, he was awarded a variety of bonuses and discounts, he is willing to spend to have a significant amount of money.

In theory, these sounds like the obvious, but let us look at a specific example of how to do business

Example of business in three stages

Entrepreneur engaged in legal advice. Cost of services in his office is very high, because it is a first-class lawyer.

  1. First, Paul is organizing a free seminar devoted to consumer protection issues. In it, he reviews general issues, without going into details and without revealing certain knowledge.
  2. More people became interested in his other works, and Paul offers to buy his book tips, “Do not be fooled in the store” with a discount of 25% and a gift one free consultation tons on any issue.
  3. In addition, at the last stage, in the form of experienced and knowledgeable lawyer his case he is inviting customers to pay their advice, sells them to various books, to protect their rights in court and all this just to attract other customers through discounts and bonuses, etc.

Thus, these three basic steps can be perfectly used in small businesses.

Nevertheless, you must remember one important thing. If the price of goods is very high, it is necessary to increase the loan customer confidence, breaking three steps to how to do business in several substeps. This is a very important component of success.

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