July 3, 2017

The “green pen” technique for self-motivation

This theory of “inexperienced insert” may be used in the areas of childhood and training. He shows students of any era, to discover his achievements, although to not focus on problems. This training strategy is important.

Therefore, what is the purpose?

Mom did not stress the kids’ mistakes as was completed in elementary school once the child authored within the medications. She offered out text that was natural barbs and these characters, which ended up nicely for that kid. The woman preferred it greatly and usually after each point, she requested: “Mother, which was the very best?” Thus rejoiced when my mom circled the very best notice using the phrases: “Ideal!”

What is the distinction between your methods?

We focus on errors in case there is underlining mistakes with reddish insert. What is being delayed within the picture storage? That is correct, these characters that are created clumsily, what is incorrect.

Perhaps you have observed completely these reddish underscores created characters? No! Not or whether we would like it, we unconsciously remember what is allotted.

Within the situation that is next, we focus on what is done. We get various ideas, different feelings. Not or whether we would like it, we unconsciously find to reproduce that which was ideal.

This can be a different inner determination – not the need to prevent errors, however the need to prosper.

Today interest, the query: how can the person existence that is further affects?

The clear answer is apparent. Because youth, we have become familiar with focusing on disadvantages, on which appears to us on which is incorrect poor. We were trained to get this done in school when we frequently noticed for that which was completed incorrect, and we were familiar with this at home, than recognized for what we did nicely.

Of the 20 barbs created in a row, just one was stressed. That’s, 19 were created well.

Are we centered on that one?

This routine (to provide reddish poor), which we develop in the very youth and which can’t be eliminated from our awareness in maturity, becomes the absolute most consistent reason behind unhappiness in existence.

On which a, it develops. What interest is aimed to subsequently raise. From childhood, everything starts, from youth we assist us nicely pull all our routines and abilities up and never them all.

By applying “inexperienced insert” theory, you’ll observe that even although you don’t point errors out towards the kid, they progressively disappear on their own, since the child aims to complete nicely by herself, of their own free-will.

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