January 4, 2017

How to write a coursework: topic choice and structure

Writing a competent coursework, as writing a diploma, requires careful preparation and selection of non-fiction. However, we must first work with the topic.

The basic rules of the selection topics

– Subject, of course, work to achieve the best results in the evaluation of possible, must be personally interesting for the author. Writing scientific work on the subject, you are indifferent transformed into slave labor, without any benefit.

In addition, in consultation with an experienced teacher, you can always offer the formulation research topic that interests you the most. However, do not forget that such tests are the first in the “adult” life where you often have to do what is necessary, not what you want.

– It is necessary to pay attention to the subjects that more well-known scientists investigate. This is a proof that it has a sufficient amount of current literature – and this is the writing process easier.

– Available on the chosen subject Literature should be clear, and written in a simple language accessible. However, it should be considered that the understanding of complex scientific texts the same, and is formed in the process of independent attempts to understand their essence.

– The goal of the work and the given topic should be possible for you. When formulating the purpose of the structure, you provide the opportunity to achieve a certain result. After all, if it will not fill the necessary labor, then all efforts will have been in vain.

The structure of the coursework

Standard requirements for course and diploma order or written independently determine the following structure: introduction, main body and conclusion.

The introduction should include an explanation of the relevance of the chosen topic and the level of elaboration; – justification for the choice of this particular subject; – formulate the objectives and tasks of scientific research; – List of the most important literary sources and methods of understanding the designated problem.

The main part of the course work includes chapters 3-4, which are chosen in extended form.

– The first section – the theoretical basis of the problem.

– The second part – the practical side of the problems examined and possible deficiencies.

– The third section – the author of the proposed possibilities to deal with existing gaps in the research topic.

Finally, it is necessary to present in summary form the most important results of the study – to summarize the nature of the work.

Before you write a degree in the course of the work, you must familiarize yourself with some of the recommendations, as this is the part usually causing the most trouble.

Conclusion – is a summary of all the work done? It contains well-founded conclusions on all issues raised at the beginning, a list of the problems solved contains.

The last part is the harmonious continuation of the introduction and the main part is they in the same style. The results should also be accurately presented, concise and presented no more than 2-3 pages of printed text, created in accordance with GOST.

The structure of the end part:

  1. Before you write a degree in the course of the work, you must read the introduction. Conclusion – the answers to these questions, the personal opinion of the author. It is also important to repeat the most important measures in the practical component of the course to the list of basic numerical indicators.
  2. The report will provide rationally the expected effect according to the study. It is important to provide opportunities to implement the results in the practical field.
  3. You must specify a set in the initial phase of the work objectives and objectives, as well as the main results came from the author.

Basic rules

A good way is to start the last part of the use of the words “so…”, “summary…”, “based on the work done…” Then the tasks, decisions, which were made in the research process. If the answers to all the questions could not be obtained, it is necessary to specify these separately the causes. Do not forget about the problems in the course of the problem moments and about ways to overcome them.

An important part of the relevant section of the final – are the results of the practical part. Author of the study should be carried out on their real value, prove the importance of applying them in practice, to give their own opinion, to consider the process and support their argument.

Not badly suggest their own plan for the improvement and modernization of the issues taking into account in the future should bring a positive effect in reality.


An example of a summary

Here is an example of how to write a degree in the course of the work. Applied Economics belongs to the field of Applied Economics. The last part can be started as follows:

It is known that the profitable component of the organization is the focus of its development and development. In this regard, one advocates an important need for the ongoing investigation of its sources, the rational distribution and use. During operation, the author examines different approaches to solve the problem of the type of profits to determine the reliability of production, as well as the rational use of existing ways. During the examination of the problems, we have suggested ways to transfer the company to a higher profit.

Then it is advisable to specify a certain rational actions to increase take-up and numerical indicators, which confirms their effectiveness.

Usually make a competent degree is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Conclusion – the logical conclusion of this work. So fear to write it is not required.

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