April 10, 2017

How to write a business plan

Having a good business plan – an important part of running any type of business (sales, production or services). You can order a business plan, and can learn how to write a business plan for yourself. This document lists all the parameters of the business necessary studies and calculations, planning, analysis, forecasts. Without this document will be very difficult to convince investors to invest in your project.

In this article I will tell you in detail all the subtleties and nuances of creating a business plan. The choice falls to the investor who has a clear, well-built and competent business plan.


Title page

It should contain information on the future company, developer, project duration, and its name. It is desirable to specify the city in which the project and the date the development were designed. Have the authors signatures are not required, but they may emphasize the seriousness of your intentions.


The most important section of the document is its prologue. Special requirements for the introduction are not available, but it should indicate the feasibility study of your project, a brief description of the advantages and disadvantages, to prove the relevance of your project.

Introduction – a kind of advertising your business, a lure for investors. In addition, this document is a good motivation for your partners and employees. Having an accurate plan of action, they will know exactly what goals they set and how to achieve them.

You need to know the requirements of future investors. Relying on them, focusing on the availability of long-term development and cooperation, quick payback and high profitability of your project. The introduction should also contain information on the presence of its own funds, the list of required resources for the implementation of the project and its payback period. Introduction may serve brief summary of your business plan.


This part of the need to make, to use as little as possible of complex terms and turns of speech. The summary should entice the reader and confirm the reliability of your project. Write this part of the plain language, try to interest potential investors an interesting proposal.

The summary should include the following sections:

  • Terms of execution of your project
  • Business Profitability
  • Artists project
  • Costing (estimated) on the implementation of the project costs.
  • Measures to ensure borrowed funds (property, equipment, etc.)

Summary drawn up at the end, when all the calculations are done and ready all the basic documents. Desired volume pages 2-3, depending on the project.

Description occupied by industries and firms

Prepare an overview of your company. Describe the economic performance, prospects, plans and opportunities. This information helps to understand that you are serious and want to do it for a long time. Financial and economic efficiency will show the state of the enterprise and that the money will be spent on the implementation of the project. It is useful to the structural scheme of the company to demonstrate the effectiveness of management.

Describe the prospects for the industry, make its analysis, study of the market segment and competitiveness.

The composition of the products or services

Describe what exactly you want to do. Decide with the sphere. This may be a production, sale of goods or provision of services. Describe the process accessible and understandable to all readers. You can also make a comparative analysis of your products with competitors. Show what your edge over the others. Describe the main strengths and weaknesses of your product. Suit information on cost, resource requirements, and others. For clarity, you should use drawings, diagrams, photographs, sketches. So inspectors will complete understanding of your business and it will give you an advantage.

Sales market

In this section, demonstrate your knowledge of your niche market. Clearly and effectively provide your target audience, why potential clients will buy exactly your product or service.

Production plan

It includes enterprise power, the potential growth in the cost of raw materials, production. In the service sector – the necessary floor space, staff costs. Describe marketing plans, depending on the financial situation.

Financial plan

In this section, select and predicts cash flows, the possible income and expenses, losses and gains. The minimum time for which a forecast should not be less than three years. Specify here calculations and payback initial investment.

Marketing plan

This section should contain general information about the positions of your products on the market, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as information about the target audience, it for the next year and forecast analysis.

The organizational plan

It includes block diagram of the enterprise, company, information about the number of staff and their methods of work and interaction. This information includes basic information about the roles and responsibilities, the organization of work of the administrative staff and the interaction of the system, submission management. Internal regulations of material information about promotions and more.

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