December 6, 2016

Why do some students study abroad?

Having a good education is one of the major goals for many people. People choose to study in different environments based on their financial and resources capabilities. On that note, some people choose or are limited to studying in their home countries while others look for opportunities in foreign countries. This paper aims at discussing the reasons why some students study abroad.


The major reason some people go to study abroad is that they believe that the countries they go to have better education systems compared to their home countries. Usually, people considering to study in other countries have enough resources to cater for the expenses that come with such initiatives. The perception that some countries have better education systems than others is the reason why some countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada have many international students. Students studying aboard believe that they will acquire better credentials compared to those studying at home institutions (Bruno, Jessica, & Christina, 2012).

The other reason for studying abroad is exposure. Some people wish they could experience the cultures of other people and that reason may compel them to move from one country to another to achieve their objectives. There are those that like to experience a specific culture, which makes them to go to study in those countries. Some universities across the world appreciate the importance of understanding and appreciating other cultures. Such institutions send some of their students to other countries so that they can understand certain cultures better (Berg, Paige, & Lou, 2012).

In conclusion, it is evident that people have varying reasons as to why they go to study abroad. The major reasons are accessing better education compared to that in the home country while the other is experiencing the different cultures. However, the ability to study abroad depends on the financial capability of the student or their parents.

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