December 30, 2016

How to start a business plan? The structure and content of core unit

Business Plan – is a special document that contains information about the company, which produces goods or services, markets, marketing and financial policies. In addition, the business plan includes a description of the list of operations that are carried out in percentage organization testing and operation of the company.

So you are creating full of ideas and a company determines. Now it is time to find out exactly where the plan is to start the business of drafting, what is its structure and contents of the main sections.


Business plan: structure of parts of the content

First, we must say that there is no single universal “recipe” for the creation of a business plan. As mentioned in the previous article, depending on the nature of the ultimate goal there are different types of business plans. For example, it may be focused on both the “external” (potential investors) target a business plan, and the “internal” (employees, founders, department).

In addition, they vary according to the specific operation of each company, which can significantly is designed to document the structure and sections of the business plan. Obviously, the structure of the innovative business plan is fundamentally different from the structure of the business plan for the organization.

However, there are certain patterns of modern business plans. In addition, these standards set. Common ones include:

  • Federal Small Business Standard Support Fund (FFPMP)
  • European Union standards under the program to accelerate the process of economic reform in the Commonwealth of Independent States (TACIS)
  • etc.

The international economic institutions to develop recommendations specify which basic information should include the appropriate sections of the business plan. According to these recommendations the typical structure of a business plan are:

  1. The title page;
  2. Abstract;
  3. Confidentiality Memorandum;
  4. Content.

The main sections of the business plan should explicitly include:

  1. Summary;
  2. The analysis of the object;
  3. Analysis of the subject matter of economic conditions;
  4. Marketing plan;
  5. The production schedule;
  6. The financial plan;
  7. The risk assessment.

For details on each item in the business plan structure

Now, consider the order of the content of the main sections of the business plan.

The page title contains basic information about the organization, such as the name, the data manager, legal and physical address, and contact information.

Confidentiality memo are often placed immediately after the title page, is used to prevent anyone. Access to the business plan, the confidentiality of the information contained in the document

The brief summary goals and objectives of the defined business plan.

Resume is a section in which the description of the entire document, a summary of the main proposals of the plan.

The following sections analyze the object and analysis of the operating environment object provides basic information about the company and its activity, a market analysis competition is conducted, shows the actual and potential beneficiaries of the project.

Marketing plan. Moreover, this section worked on the basic tasks of the marketing mix, such as pricing, product distribution methods, sales promotion, and ways to attract new customers.

The production plan is necessary to show that it is necessary to spend resources for the manufacture of a product. In this section, they elaborated the technical aspects of production.

With the help of a financial plan, the most effective means to identify the use of the funds of the organization. The results are based on the statements, analyzing the current financial situation and the forecasts for the sale of goods or services.

In risk assessment, these are usually all the types of risks the company can face, and provide ways to reduce them.

We reiterate that there is no common standard for preparing a business plan. The range of tasks that are created for business plans is very broad. First, to prepare a business plan, remember – the bottom line is that at the end of this work you have helped achieve your goals.

Creating someone faced with the need to design a business plan directly at the level of their own company, but to deal with many students of economic development for the first time with the business plan is necessary, also during training at the university. Proper preparation of a business plan is a complex and multifaceted process that requires some experience.

Of course, can cause a certain number of difficulties, the implementation of this learning task. Dare, develop your ideas and commitment that you really enjoy. Remember – only with love for your work can you achieve real success.

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