July 27, 2017

Why do someome succeed and others not?

A successful person knows exactly what he wants. He plans the process of achieving his goal, believes in his opportunities to achieve it, devoting the maximum time to realize what he has planned. The loser does not have a definite goal in life, believing that success comes to others only thanks to “luck.” He takes the initiative only when circumstances compel him to do so.

A successful person can be compared with a high-end seller who has the art of locating customers for his plans and goals. The loser usually sees in others only flaws and behaves in a way that others are aware of his negative attitude.

A successful person will think before saying anything. He carefully weighs his words, communicating with people, placing emphasis on positive moments, and expresses sympathy, minimizing the expression of discontent or generally avoiding this. The loser does the opposite. Often, he says without thinking, causing regret or confusion, which only leads to a tense situation.

A successful person expresses his or her opinion on something only after a thorough study of the problem. The loser does not get into the problem and sometimes just does not have enough information.

A successful person keeps a strict record of his time, income and expenses, lives by his means. The loser does not know the account of neither time nor money, dispose of it quite thoughtlessly.

A successful person is characterized by benevolence towards others, especially those with whom he has much in common; He tries to maintain friendly relations with them. The loser comes close only to those people, acquaintance with which can bring him benefit.

A successful person is sincere and tolerant. The loser fences himself off from others, being completely intolerant of others, depriving himself of the opportunity to take advantage of a favorable situation and friendly support.

A successful person tries to keep up with life, is keenly interested in what is happening, not only in the sphere of his business, profession or circle, but also in what is happening all over the world. The loser, on the other hand, cares only for his immediate interests, which he tries to observe in any way.

A successful person is always positive. He realizes that his place in the sun and success entirely depend on the quality and size of the services that he provides. He has already become accustomed to doing more and better than expected of him. The loser is looking for opportunities to gain benefits without making any effort, or to take advantage of what does not belong to him at all. And when he does not succeed, he blames the greed of others.

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