February 3, 2017

Small Business Ideas in the Village

Business in the village is not as hopeless as it seems at first glance. Small business in the village or the countryside can bring considerable profit. On what small business ideas in the village realize the best, will be discussed in the first part of the article.

First, we list the main advantages and disadvantages of business in rural areas:

Advantages of business in the village

  • Create your business is much cheaper in the countryside than in the city. The costs for office rent are not required, the availability of inexpensive labor, consumables to buy cheaper.
  • Availability. Start a business in the village is practically no trouble.
  • Low competition. Most often, the entire village has a shop, a workshop, and so on. You can quickly fill any niche suitable for the area.

Shortcomings in the business village

  • Possible distance from the place of registration.
  • I have problems with communication and connection. Not every chalk has good roads and access to the Internet.


Where to begin?

The successful development of entrepreneurship in rural areas it is necessary to carefully plan everything. The correct choice of niche, location, target audience, sales or production plan will depend on the profitability of your business. Before you start, you need to decide with the idea of small businesses in the village. The most common and profitable are.

Cultivation of vegetables and fruits

This activity comes to mind immediately. Almost every resident of the village has its own plot of land. On it you can grow different crops, or to arrange a home greenhouse business on the site. For a good crop, you need to keep track of daily fruits, right to water, fertilize, to ward off pests. All this will require additional time and money, but will pay off in the future. The finished products are best implemented in the city, because the demand for fruits and vegetables in the village itself is extremely low.

Sale of seeds

To implement this idea does not require a lot of physical work. The demand for good seeds in the village has always been and will continue to grow, especially in the ever-rising prices. The crucial point is to choose a reliable supplier of products. From the quality of the seed, its yield will depend on your income. In addition to purchases, you can make them yourself.


Honey – one of the favorite treats children and adults. It has a shelf life, and the demand never ends. Honey production requires significant costs already at the start. Without a good business plan is not enough. Also requires special knowledge and skills in working with bees and apiaries, compliance with safety regulations, the staff. The problem can be solved by passing a special training beekeeping. Funding may be obtained from the state in the form of grants for starting a business. The government actively supports villagers by import substitution program.

All the shortcomings of the business covers a big plus – a high income. From one hive can be assembled up to 35 kg of honey. The cost of one kilogram of an average of 200-300 rubles. All costs can be recouped in the first six months of L, the correct approach.

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