December 8, 2016

Sex Education in Public Schools


What, condoms for children? With many academic subjects that the children should learn, teaching sex education to these immature kids is not a practical option. But according to the US Department of Education, about 500 public schools throughout the country proposed to adopt sex education in their schools. Why are these schools interested to promote sex education in the first place? It is because they want to attract new students to enroll in their schools. However, the government is silent on this subject because in creating new federal laws, the policy makers make decisions that balance political and economic factors. For easy understanding, this paper focuses on the same-sex education in public schools. Thesis: Should sex education be taught in public schools? No, sex education should not be taught in public schools.


Why same-sex education should not be taught in public schools

The cons claim that teaching the children at a young age would only pollute their minds and not get positive effects. They also claim that these students are still immature to understand the subject, and could trigger their sexual instinct about the subject. If so, incidents of rape, sexual harassment and immorality can be higher than before. Another reason is that sex education might “steal the show” instead of children focusing on their academic subjects (Single-sex Education: Pros and Cons, 2005). Since this subject is attractive to children, they will have many hours talking about it instead of talking about their academic subjects.

The arguments of the pros

The proponents of same-sex education argue that this policy could enhance the knowledge of the students about this subject, and warn them about the impact of premature sex. But the cons say that it is not time for them to improve their knowledge in sex. Instead, they should improve their knowledge in academic subjects. They also argue that this new policy would make the children more responsible than ever in experimenting with sex at an early age. However, the pros counter that sex education would just make them irresponsible because it would trigger their sexual orgasm and forget their studies.

What is the best option to make children responsible in sex? Anything should start at home. It is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children about sex especially their daughters. A mother must establish good relationship with her daughter so that she will not hesitate to ask her anything about sex. The mother should present lessons learned from other people in the past, explain the impact of aggressive actions toward sex, and talk about the good points of responsible approach to sex


Same-sex education should not be taught in public schools because it would only create a conflict between the academics and sex education subject in the minds of the children. Moreover, in creating decisions, the policy makers would consider the political impact to their career. If their decisions would have an adverse effect in their political career because of miscalculation on the economic costs and benefits of a policy, then, they would prolong the debate and leave it to the public to decide (Single-sex vs coeducational schooling, 2005).

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