May 17, 2017

Why do I need Twitter for business?

Twitter, is an integral part for many entrepreneurs, but also a lot of people it is not clear why you need Twitter for business, but today, I will try to convince you in his favor.

Call it the new instrument is clearly impossible, since it is not the first year, many companies are using it for their own purposes, thus it no longer has a small share of the market segment.

Even more important argument in favor of Twitter is that more than 40% of social media leaders and specialists of social media gave it preference as the best social networking tool online marketing.

Well, start with the end, my personal answer to why you need Twitter for business is unequivocal: Twitter – is the fastest way to spread information, and by the same recipients, i.e. the so-called viral marketing.

So … What is Twitter?

  • The first – “It is gray hanging microblogging.”
  • Three times – “No, it’s kind of a new generation of chat and instant messaging.”
  • The third – “No, it is a mobile blogging platform.”
  • Fourth – “No, it’s …”

Of course, the list can go on, but all in good time.

Technically speaking, Twitter is a multi-platform microblogging service. It was designed as a way to post short messages, “tweets” (140-character limit of SMS messages to mobile phones) to share with your friends’ statuses, that is, for example, to answer the question: “What are you doing now?” This helps your friends to be aware of, and even coordinate meetings, in general, it is convenient for the night club. Undoubtedly, the whole group of friends would like to respond to these messages, not just the tete-a-tete. In the end, it all started with a simple writing status and the opportunity to respond to it, and now it is a vast social tool.

Modern Twitter

Today, Twitter is more like a giant chat of course with a significant difference, because instead of seeing all of your users, you can only see posts your friends and people who subscribed to “follow”. This allows you to keep the pace of the flow of information, or “tweetstream” to an acceptable volume.

Of course, you can view the tweets of other people, even when you these conversations seem interesting you can join, and this is another good way to meet new people and mutual friends.

In addition, the advice to businessmen, do not forget, as it is multi-platform, it allows us to integrate it with a number of sites, applications for any business that is a great plus.

Why do you need Twitter for business and how to use it?

Twitter gave a kind of virtual relaxed, especially for those of us who work a lot on the Internet, or not a lot of people. He has a personal feeling and it seems (to me), creates a more favorable environment for maintaining relations.

I personally, at the time, used Twitter, to:

  • Create gain new readers to my other blogs.
  • Distribute ads on already promoted accounts.
  • Find to open a new business partners and investors.
  • Cross-posting ads both free and paid, as well as activities such as workshops and flash mobs.
  • Search people with similar interests.
  • Coordination meetings with key people conference.
  • Various studies on the topics of psychology and motivation.
  • Viral messages that would be of interest to people about a new company or website.

Therefore, why do we need Twitter for business yet? I would point out a few advantages:

  • First – Twitter helps to organize large, instant meeting “tweetups”.
  • Second – The ability to use Twitter, for the poll.
  • Third – Twitter can help attract the attention of potential customers.
  • Fourth – In the critical events, it is possible to create a “backchannel” instant return channel.
  • Fifth – Increasingly, Twitter reported new news faster than other sources (especially if it relates to online readers).
  • Sixth -Twitter gives companies the opportunity to look at ourselves, evaluate opportunities and actions tweets.
  • Seventh – Twitter collects great minds together, and gives you the opportunity to learn new useful information and learn.
  • Eighth – Twitter gives you the opportunity to hear the criticism and wishes of clients that you can use for the benefit of their business.
  • Ninth – Twitter helps with business development, if your prospects are directed to the Internet.
  • Tenth – Twitter can increase the quality of customer service. (But read the paragraphs written above)

Using Twitter for business, I tried to write messages on various topics, for example, about the politics, economics, education, science… Maybe some of them did not have much value, but the fact is that the discovery of common interests and sharing of personal data. It helped to build stronger relationships with people, though it took time, but it also saved it in the future.

How to Get Started on Twitter?

Quite simply go to the site, choose a user name, a maximum of 15 characters (without spaces). I recommend either your real name, your company name or something close enough that you can put in the range of 15 characters.

By registering on Twitter, do not forget to verify your account at the post office.

Complete your profile. To line «URL» to enter any website that you want to send people to learn more about you and your business. You can specify the main business website or business blog, your personal blog or any other social profile. The choice is yours.

Be sure to download the image, whether it be a logo or a personal photo, as it is difficult to build a relationship with an unknown person or company. It is already in the “Settings” menu.

Find your friends on Twitter as easily. If you use webmail such as Gmail, then Twitter will find friends from your address book. Otherwise, you can search for them by name.

Start publishing “tweet”!

What and what to write about?

If you have already decided what need Twitter for your business, you generally recommend starting with your notes on social networks that would be a combination of different kinds of messages. Just set up automatic Cross-posting messages.

At the stage of promotion try to include as many different content to the message, you can:

The constant change of status – What are you working now? How busy?

Link exchange – be it news or dedicated resources, it does not matter, but try to take those links that would be of interest to your readers audience.

Own opinion – add a comment to these links. Help people get to know you, to see your point of view.

Retweet – Want to share something interesting? What are we waiting for to add yourself, perhaps you would reciprocate.

Business Ads – Yes, you can directly make announcements about your business, event, offer, new products, etc. Just do not overdo it.

With the promotion of his new Twitter account recommend a roughly equal mix of these types of publications, think creatively.

In general, the Internet, there are even special promotion resources on accounts in social networks. Clearly, the readers, they will help you gain, but I’m afraid it will be a “dead souls” that your Twitter, roughly speaking, on the drum. I think you are for yourself already decided why you need Twitter for business, and how you’ll use it, but my advice is do not exercise a waste of time, it should be natural, and remember, do not happen all at once, but the result will depend on your willingness and efforts.

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