March 7, 2017

The motivation of the entrepreneur – three cautionary statements

Today we will continue to talk on the theme of business motivation and find the path to success in business.

The motivation of the entrepreneur is not that other, as incentive to activity, inspiration. And every self-respecting businessman with the characteristics, strive to succeed, create your own, distinctive way of business and the profit system.

Many of today’s entrepreneurs often choose unconventional ways to achieve success, of course, there is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary non-standard ways to achieve goals in many ways superior to conventional methods and familiar to us, manifesting itself in a positive way, creating a new instructive statements.

We’ve all heard about the great achievements and the success of such perfect icons like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Akio Morita and others. These names, as motivation for the entrepreneur, the master innovators, in other words cannot be named, went a long way, have developed their own systems to achieve these goals, instructive statements, so were at the peak in their niches. But there are no less significant figures of the scientific world and the world of politics, which have to learn that personal growth.



I am willing to assume that they, like us, when you had nothing to do with the business world. It all starts with the formation of thinking and growth of the inner core of the person, setting goals to achieve a particular result.

Here, I want to consider a few important quotes and instructive sayings of famous people, artists who are familiar to people around the world with its uniqueness, as well as the motivation of entrepreneurs, and give advice on how you can use these real secrets of success in business, personal thinking and conduct of the case.

  1. Do not be afraid to ask questions

“I do not think to question it means to look stupid. Do not worry that you cannot answer and explain certain things, you just do not know. Curiosity is what drives you. Try to learn every day something new.” – Instructive statement of Albert Einstein

The company, which we are within, will always have its own personal interests. They project their own, probably not far from looking thoughts on our success. From time to time, creating motivation for the entrepreneur, unconsciously urging us to move in a direction that we do not need.

It is important that we listen to him, to the inner voice. Of course, do not do not take into account the views of others, experienced people, but only our inner, that children’s curiosity, allow to move forward, recognizing the success formula and inventing new.

If the employer does not pay attention to the motivation, how can we be creative and implement innovative ideas to life?

  1. Improve yourself

“The highest degree of skill is mastery of ourselves” – instructive statement by Leonardo da Vinci

In today’s world there are so many distractions and discourages entrepreneurs factors that bring down our attention from the action and achieve greatness goals.

The most influential groups can be distinguished among them. Not so bad, but we need to keep control of myself at the time because it is our most important aspect. Time is the most valuable resource, which, unfortunately, we have virtually no, therefore, should learn how to manage and spend wisely.

Sometimes, when it is really boring, we have to look at it as our ally, not an adversary. Having mastered the boredom, we create an opportunity to think creatively and internally strengthen you.

If we learn the art of self-discipline, that with the passage of time will see how our projects come to life, full of goals and values.

  1. The motivation of the entrepreneur and the real price of learning

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Attracted me, and I will learn “- instructive saying of Benjamin Franklin


We all understand the importance of training, but until recently, I did not understand its real value.

I have repeatedly said that the wise to seek his master, who was a successful way. That person, where you can observe how he achieved success to which you aspire. The motivation for the entrepreneur, through the mentor understand at once, cannot be overlooked, because it is the most valuable knowledge that is given to us for free.

As an entrepreneur, you should always learn, grow internally, and continue to be present, no matter how become successful. I recommend to familiarize with the list of motivating documentaries and the best films about business and money, I think you can find a lot of interesting and useful.

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