June 19, 2017

Legal service business from scratch

In our country, many young lawyers. In addition, not all of them want to work for hire. Some want to open a legal business from the ground up to generate additional income. In this article, you will learn what you need to earn money on legal services.

This kind of business has a number of advantages. Firstly, they can deal with not only professional lawyers, but also ordinary people. The most important here is to have management skills and ability to work with people. We need to know how to select and motivate the staff as well as attract new customers competently. Secondly, it does not require a special license, you can do the registration of a private entrepreneur with a simplified tax system. An exception is the sphere of criminal law. In order to provide services in this area needed a lawyer license. Thirdly, these services are very much in demand among the population.

Many organizations provide legal services for legal entities (registration and liquidation of limited liability companies, private limited liability company, etc.) Qualifications and a large number of personnel required. Because of this, a host of companies, which has led to high competition and loss of profitability.

The most effective option is considered to provide legal advice and the provision of notarial services. The competition is also high, but much wider customer base. Indeed, in this case your target audience are ordinary citizens who want to legalize papers correctly, make a will, to assure the delivery note, etc. This opens up a wide range of services. If you are a good lawyer, find an assistant, you can arrange for legal advice.

To open a notary office, you will need:

  1. Check in. As has been said it is enough to open a private entrepreneur with a simplified tax system.
  2. Room. The most important part. From the choice of in-room, it depends largely on the success of the business. It is advisable to rent an office in the city center or close to it. If this is not possible, you can be limited to renting a small space in a small area. In this case, choose a place where there are no such establishments. The room must be properly decorated. You must have comfortable furniture, a variety of brochures with tips. The situation should express the seriousness of your organization. The study will be issued stricter, the better.
  3. Staff. If you are one, it is desirable to hire an assistant. At first it is difficult to do, so make sure you have to do everything yourself. If you decide to open a multi-office, you will need qualified personnel. Experienced lawyers will cost dearly, and the younger generation now poorly educated. Nevertheless, it is worth to bet on young professionals. It can be fresh graduates of higher educational establishments and secondary special education institutions that have problems with employment.
  4. Equipment and materials. You will need a few personal computers, directories, and various literature and internet access. All that is necessary for normal functioning of the company.

Legal business from scratch is very common. More and more lawyers want to do their own thing and they have it turns out well.

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