September 15, 2017

Habits that interfere with your development

In order to be successful, you need to cultivate the habits that contribute to our development and make us stronger and better. In addition, what habits prevent this?

  1. The habit of resisting

If something goes wrong in life, how we would like to immediately attack. We spend a lot of nerves, time and strength, without even thinking about sometimes that there are life situations that we cannot change.

Now analyze how and where you resist. How do you react to a change in the mood of your loved ones, to changes at work? We show our feelings differently. Some scream and try to suppress, others take offense, and others leave themselves. The result is always the same – it is a spoiled relationship.

Complex situations need to be addressed in a different way. Seek a compromise. Sometimes, in order to avoid aggression and negative consequences, it is better to take everything as it is. This will make you stronger. In order to change the situation, change your vision. Look for everything in a positive way.

  1. The habit of feeling victimized

There are people who like to shift all responsibility for their failures to someone. They have all the fault of the state, rulers, poor parents and losers of the wife. Always everything is to blame, except for them. Such people are pleased to tell how they suffer and feel sorry for themselves.

In fact, everything is simple. We either take responsibility for our lives, or weep and drown in the problems that we ourselves create by our behavior.

  1. The habit of all criticizing

People are divided into creators and critics. Evaluating is always easier than creating. Sometimes a person does not even get into the situation and gives his assessment of everything that happens. Under his negative attitude are colleagues, relatives, and friends. Communicate with such people is difficult and unpleasant.

It is important for you to decide what is important to you. Be always right or have a good relationship with the people around you.

  1. The habit of controlling

The desire to suppress and impose one’s vision, the demand for all unquestioning fulfillment of all instructions, control of everything that happens even in small things creates a negative atmosphere and aggression.

In order to get rid of this habit you need to learn how to motivate and inspire people to do something.

  1. The habit of feeling always and in all the right

Not the desire to hear and accept the position of another person. One-sided perception of all that is happening.

In order to get rid of this habit one must learn to hear and respect the opinion of another person. This will help to agree even in the most conflict situations.

Look at yourself from the side. Which of the following habits do you have? Your awareness will be the first step in working on yourself. Analyze the habits that prevent you on the path to success. Try to get rid of them. This will give you the opportunity to build a good relationship with others and much faster bring you closer to your goal.

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