November 23, 2016

Environment and Pollution


The environment has undergone major compromises in terms of damage due to human attempts to advance in the various aspects of life. There have been various degradations to the environment with issues like global warming, pollution and degradation arising over time. This paper seeks to explore the various forms of damage the environment has had to undergo as a consequence of worldwide improvements in the living standards of the habitants.


In a bid to improve the standards of living of the people in different parts of the world, there have been activities that have undermined the environment. Industrialization is the major contributor to such damages (Agola, Awange, 2014). Toxic waste emanating from the industries in solid, liquid, and gaseous form have lead to acute pollution of the environment thereby causing the soil, atmosphere as well as water to be quite contaminated and dangerous to the ecosystem. Apart from industrialization, there is the issue of encroachment.

Due to the ever-growing population of the world, there has been a need to increase resources so as to accommodate the emerging population. Due to this, massive deforestation has been practiced. The wetlands have also been encroached, and the water resources tampered with to build dams for electricity production (Hung, Wang, & Shammas, 2014). These and many other minor activities have been responsible for the damage to the environment in exchange for improved living standards. However, there have been efforts to reduce damage to the environment since the world governments have noticed that the resources are getting depleted, and soon there will be insufficient resources in the world to sustain humanity.


In conclusion, even though there should be constant operations geared towards improving the living standards worldwide, issues concerning damage to the environment should be keenly addressed. This is because the environment should be preserved such that it can sustain the needs of the world population in the future.

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