June 16, 2017

Earnings on mediation: types of intermediaries

Previously, we have examined an interesting topic about earnings in the mediation. Today I would like to examine more specifically the existing kinds and types of intermediaries in the network or offline. So, let us begin.

Well-known brokers, what role they play in the mediation? At its core, Broker – a person performs mediation, for example, between the seller and the buyer, but has no right to dispose of the product. Earns his remuneration as a percentage of the transaction or of the goods sold. The main thing here is the fact that the broker brings benefits to both parties to the transaction. There is also a separate concept of brokers in the foreign exchange market – a man who is firm and entered into agreements with customers for transactions with their purchase money or sale of securities on its own behalf or on behalf of the company, it all depends on the items specified in the contract.

The next type of reseller – a Distributor

They can be both firm and individual entrepreneur carrying out wholesale or retail purchase of goods from manufacturers and resold it on the market on behalf of the producer. Distributor does not belong to the products, it only performs a distribution function and may act on the market on his own behalf. Generally, in this type of trading intermediation manufacturer specifies the place and for how long to be realized commodity.

Further, the Dealer – usually a person who buys wholesale products under the supply agreement, at their own expense, and then sells it at retail, or smaller gross on its behalf.

Dealer in the currency market – this man a professional, for operations using its own funds and earns on its behalf.

Well-known agents – kind between the master reseller product and the end user, are not its owners and conclude transactions on behalf of the owner. Their task – is to sell as much as possible of the goods provided by the main person – the owner, i.e. the search for customers, paperwork, and delivery. Their salary and the amount of product required for implementation depends on the items specified in the contract with the main face of the host.

In addition, of course, the commission – wholesale and retail intermediaries, acting in the market, both on its own behalf and on behalf of the producer. Usually it is committed to the customer a businessman, for a fee, make a deal with other persons, for the benefit of the original customer, but on his own behalf. That is, a specific service transaction, making a profit on the difference between the sales price of the goods and the initial cost.

Now you can choose the type or form of agent, which is more convenient to you to act on the market, just highlight the pros and cons of each type of mediation.

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