November 25, 2016

Does Diploma or Degree Determine Success?

Currently, many people believe that a degree or diploma is the key to success. Fact is that there are multiple successful individuals with no such education credentials. Diplomas and degrees originated in the last few decades, they never existed before, yet people were living on the great inventions making them successful. There exist tons of well-paying jobs which do not require a diploma but technical skills and know-how. Success means accomplishment of one’s purpose with or without a diploma. For instance, suppose one wants to become a plumber, he needs a proper vocational training but if one has a passion for learning, then college is the best place for him.

A diploma or a degree is not a significant factor to success, hard work is. Educational institutions are only there to nurture students. Why should one pass time to get a diploma or degree, when she/he can work for somebody else and in the future, have someone else to work for him/her? In the past, many people have succeeded far beyond general standards with no degree or a high school diploma. Lacking a degree does not mean an individual is not ambitious or intelligent. According to Patt Williams, Walt Disney had no diploma or degree but was enormously successful (Williams, 2010). He had the motivation and the desire to press on, and it paid off hence other people can do the same.

Without morals, success in life is unachievable dream. Immoral deeds do surface and taint the reputation. Most diploma and degree holders are not successful because they lack morals. According Bangkok Post, a University in Bangkok recently scanned a lecturer who asked sex for grade from a student, in this case, lack of morals led to his resignation and loss of job. Diplomas might only equip one with knowledge of correct social behavior but not success. In conclusion, success depends on passion and optimism, not diplomas or degrees.

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