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Environment and Pollution

Introduction The environment has undergone major compromises in terms of damage due to human attempts to advance in the various aspects of life. There have been various degradations to the environment with issues like global warming, pollution and degradation arising over time. This paper seeks to explore the various forms of damage the environment has […]

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Safety Standards: Who has the Responsibility of Enforcing Strict Building Codes?

Safety standards are crucial to minimizing the risk of construction failures. People staying in a particular building need to feel safe, comfortable, and free from the risks associated with construction failures. Therefore, the State should establish codes with the aim of ensuring that buildings conform to the safety guidelines. Typically, governments across the globe have […]

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Animals as Objects of Scientific Research

Technology has been in the center of remarkable changes in the face of the world. Every dawn is accompanied by notable improvements concerning the application of technology in day to day activities. Many people across the globe have the knowledge of the benefits that come with this technology.  As a result, they aim at ensuring […]

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Private versus Public Cars

Over the years, pollution has become a serious issue in the various cities of the world due to the increased number of private cars. The world population has rapidly grown mainly in the urban centres, and this has called for the use of private cars as a means of transport. Indeed, these trends have called […]

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Impact of Media on Society

Writing is an essential skill that allows people to participate in activities of the society. It is an issue dealing with education but a general issue that affects every individual who is literate. The invasion of social media seems like a virus to the old generation, sadly, it is a phenomenon that is here to […]

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