June 27, 2017

How to attract and retain customers via blog

Hello dear readers, you once again welcomes business blog, and in this article, we continue the conversation on the topic of blogging on the internet, and talk about how you can use and customize an existing blog, in order to attract and keep customers. A blog can be an excellent tool to attract and retain new customers, but as one aspect of internet, marketing requires time and money.

The answer to the question why create a blog, everyone has his own, my personal opinion, the blog is extremely necessary, and there are a few secrets – tricks that will help you increase your product sales, service and attract more loyal customers.

  1. Redefining “page with to contacts”

Believe me, if your potential customers are interested in a product, a service, then they will look at the page with your contact information. Look at our contact page as a landing page for client requests. In terms of sales, this page is one of the most important on the blog.

On the first thing to note is the presence of at least two ways to contact you. If a phone number is a big plus, as it increases the speed of responses and decide if a customer called you, alternatively, you can use Skype. In addition, of course, be sure to specify the e-mail address, this type of communication is most common on the Internet.

Do everything you can to attract and retain customers, sell goods over the Internet, and increase bookings by adding links to your services, client portfolio, links to key blog posts, right on the contact page.

  1. Write “Master Class”

Do not hesitate, customers will be reading your blog, it is interesting to feel the principles of the approach and the process of implementation of the plans. They want to know your thoughts, how quickly and efficiently you handle problems, and of course the “secret formula” for success.

The readers will be much more willing to use your services if they see the perfect professional in their field. In this section, the Board of budding bloggers would be, what you need to write articles on topics that explain your approach to the solution of topical issues, at least a couple times a month, including the text of several links, offering learn more interesting facts about your products, services.

  1. “Page successes”

Everyone knows that the reviews are a terrific aspect in the growth of the authority, attracting and retaining customers. However, in the long term, the customer wants to see the fruits of your work already decided earlier tasks.

For example:

Consider Writing Articles – Writing, which clearly defines the appointment, task, their own decisions, and results. An example of your work and it is clearly written article will show your unique set of skills in the context of the project the real client. Once a customer expresses their satisfaction, we ask him to take part in our “research”, leaving the link and review the work done in the “success page”.

So, if you, for example, a web designer, you can create a portfolio and put it, in his blog a request from the client and the end result – the work done, such as a screenshot with a link to the site, of course all agreed in advance.

  1. Invest in a professional theme

By selling products and services on your blog, be sure to pay on a blog design that will reflect your professionalism and attention to detail. Of course preferable to use a theme, that reflects your thematic focus.

Today, buying a premium theme or ordering an individual blog template, many companies actively support its customers, so you will not waste your precious time on the settings or service.

  1. Social networks, how to attract and keep customers today

Be sure to select a social platform, to further interact with your audience and potential customers. On the blog, use additional plug-ins, widgets that reflect your presence in social media.

From the experience of many freelancers, I learned that messages, announcements of articles on specific customer problems generate additional orders.

Make sure that you have created your audience in a social network for business before to be active on the blog. The idea is to demonstrate social proof that other appreciate your experience. It is hard to sell a product, if you have 10 readers on Twitter. Be patient.

  1. Focus on client problems

Potential customers, within 3-6 seconds of logging on to your blog, decide whether it meets their needs. During this time, they quickly browsing blog articles to find answers to their questions. Therefore, that would attract and retain customers, and most importantly, a blog should be directed to the solution of common problems in your niche, and then later in the promotion of services.

Try to refrain from the desire to write “water”, news articles, and the general recommendations. Only a concrete solution to the problems, you will attract target customers to increase sales.

  1. Blogger – Person

Build a blog so that the reader has seen not only the services, the products, but also the man who is behind it all. The customer is important to see your partner – seller.

Create a page “About Me”: tell us what you are doing, that they are willing to offer, why you are unique. Do not write about yourself in the third person! Use a conversational style that would have to build a relationship and show that you are available. It is important to understand, offering their services, products on the Internet with a blog, you need to learn how to sell themselves, I doubt that now, someone wants to work with an unknown person, just read on the topic: “Why do you need Twitter for business.”

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