February 21, 2017

Arguments “for” and “against” starting your own business

Everyone at least once in your life asking myself this question. Many are still unsure. Business is like a game, where you can lose everything in a moment. This is one of the main reasons for the refusal of people to start their own business.

In this article, we will express their views and answer to the question “whether or not to start your own business?” Here are the arguments “for” and “against” and will help you make the right choice.

For a normal life, we all need money. In 80% of cases, any problem can be solved with money. But where to get them? The answer is obvious – money. They will never reach you for nothing. I think everyone agrees with that. Go ahead. How do we make them?


Get a job, and from 8:00 to 17:00 every day, 5 days a week to earn a living. Convenient, is not it? Find a job can be difficult, but it is easier to do in the presence of secondary education. A more important criterion is experience.

So we are working, we get consistently low wages, money for a normal existence, we should suffice. And then what? You will have my own family, you will need to look for new housing. Living in a rented apartment cannot be all the time, and take a mortgage on a new – killer for self-employed workers. Or do you want to travel, buy a good car, and ensure the future of their children to be financially independent … On all need money. You will be able to live, realizing all of your goals on one salary? Can you build a new house or buy an apartment and all of this at your present salary?

After graduating, you can build a successful career, become a leader and earn well. But all the plans you will carry out a very long time. His property will be the age of 50. And not everyone can become a boss. This path is very long and difficult, but real.

Of employment, you will be able to provide their present. You will have a stable salary. You will bear the constant carping management. You will be limited in time, you will not have financial freedom. Most of the time you spend on other people to achieve success. At the same time you have a full benefits package (and even then not everywhere), minimum risk, stable income.

It suits you? If so – you should not start a business. If not – you can fix it and work for themselves by implementing all the planned objectives, while remaining financially independent.

Your own business – not an easy task. And at first, you will not be able to earn more than they do now. This requires a high level of responsibility, hard work, flexibility of thinking, discipline. At the beginning of the path will have to work more, and your income will depend on your ability to sell or deliver services. You must be able to plan and achieve objectives. For a successful business needs a lot of sacrifice. All these sacrifices are justified.

The only way you will be able to secure their future, realize a dream, to become fully independent. Work on yourself and enjoy your work.

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